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United Partnership - Green Committee

Keepin' It Green

Established in 2007, the Partnership’s newest task force is committed to making Wauconda a greener community.  Led by Mark Knigge, the other members of the group include Jane Fidler, Jackie Soccorso, Tim Staton and Ryan Sutton.  They are working on numerous projects including an e-newsletter, giving out reusable shopping bags at the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce Expo in February, gathering contact information for various recycling efforts in the community, and encouraging other organizations in the area to incorporate recycling programs into their regular routines - such as the Reuse-A-Shoe program, use of CFL light bulbs, and getting more recycling bins for around town.  The group would welcome more team members and would love to hear your suggestions on how to keep our town and our world greener!

If you know of a business, organization, or individual who’s doing a great or unique job of ‘keepin’ it green’, let us know.  We’d love to have them included in our Featured Group of the month.  Write us at waucondagreenteam@gmail.com  to let us know.  We’ll be in touch!

For more information on the United Partnership, please go to www.unitedpartnership.org.




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